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PahRoo Appraisal & Consultancy is a Chicago-area real estate valuation and consulting firm. We have provided both residential and commercial appraisal services since 1999. Our team of certified professionals speaks English, Spanish, Polish, Serbian, Greek, Mandarin, and Russian, and has extensive experience in addressing client's real estate matters. We serve municipal Chicago including Cook Country, DuPage Country, Kane Country, Kendall Country and other areas in Greater Chicago Area.

PahRoo is the only Chicago appraisal firm with LEED AP Certified & Green Designated Residential appraisers!


Why Choose Us?

Real-estate values matter, which is why professionals call PahRoo to solve their commercial and residential real estate appraisal challenges. Our staff is well trained, experienced, and fluent in several languages. We hire quality appraisers to best serve you!



We've been where you are when it comes to needing an appraisal, and we know the questions you have! Click here for a list of our frequently asked questions.

"From selling, buying, financing, constructing, or renting a property, I have worked through every aspect of real estate analysis and appraisal. Our firm can help you because we have walked in your shoes and we understand what you need."

Michael Hobbs, SRA, LEED GA
President of PahRoo Appraisal and Consultancy


PahRoo is the only     Chicago appraisal firm   with LEED AP Certified & Green Designated Residential appraisers! 

Rated as a Top Chicagoland Appraisal Firm by 
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PahRoo Staff speaks over 7 languages

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